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SAGE, the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience, is a unique educational program designed to introduce students in geophysics and related fields to "hands on" geophysical exploration and research. The program emphasizes both teaching of field methods and research related to basic science and a variety of applied problems.

SAGE is hosted by the National Security Education Center and the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Major support for SAGE is provided by the U. S. Department of Energy and U. S. National Science Foundation. SAGE is a National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.


“Note change in starting dates for both U. S. Undergraduates and all foreign and graduate students.”

U.S. Undergraduates* 
 SAGE runs Monday June 16 to Friday July 11, 2014.
Arrival Sunday June 15; departure Friday July 11 after 5:00 PM or
Saturday July 12 before noon

All foreign and graduate students
SAGE runs Thursday June 19 to Friday July 11, 2014
Arrival Wednesday June 18; departure Friday July 11 (after 1:00 PM)
All times are local (Mountain Daylight) time. 
Stay tuned for further information.

*”undergraduate” means BS, BA or equivalent degree not awarded by time of participation in SAGE

Note fee increase to $600 for 2014.

What Will I Gain from SAGE?

  • LEARN seismic reflection & refraction techniques.
  • GET to the gravity of the matter.
  • FAMILIARIZE yourself with electromagnetic methods.
  • APPLY geophysics to environmental or archaeological problems.
  • MEET other students with similar geophysical interests.
  • INTRODUCE yourself to career opportunities - make contacts with industry representatives.
  • STUDY the tectonics of an active continental rift.

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Support to SAGE includes loans of major equipment and industry-standard software, visits from working professionals, and financial assistance.


2000 Recipient of the Special Commendation Award of the Society of Exploration
Geophysicists to Co-directors

" recognition of meritorious service rendered the scientific community, the Earth sciences, and exploration geophysics."

1998 Recipient of the Excellence in
Geophysical Education Award of the American Geophysical Union acknowledge a sustained commitment to excellence in geophysical education.